10 Pretty Winter Nails Design Idea

Time flies too fast and it’s time to create winter manicure. The winter nails classic colors are red, green and gold. Today we are bringing you 10 beautiful winter nails. All of these designs are suit for winter and are easy to wear.

1. Silver Snowflakes Nails Design

First up we have a long almond shape manicure. All nails are painted in pink and some nails adorned silver foil on nails root. And some nails adorned snowflakes and stars. The nail idea looks so beautiful and suit for winter season.


2. Red Winter Nails Idea

Next we have a red matte nails design. These nails are long and with almond shaped. All nails are painted in red and some adorned with rhinestone and some are hand-painted with white snowflakes and dots.


3. Long Coffin Nails

This next nails idea is a long coffin manicure. Most nails have different design and one nail is covered in green glitter, some are painted in matte green and some are french with green glitter tip. This is a gorgeous winter nail art that will add festive vibe for you.


4. Holly Berries Nails Design Idea

Here we have a short and square nails design. For this look all nails have same look that white base with hand-painted holly berries. This nail ideas used white, red and grey. This is a cute and pretty nail art.


5. Vintage Glass Ornaments Nails Design

This nails idea used a really dark blue base for this nail art, and a bunch of metallic nail polishes. Outlines were painted with acrylic paint, as usual. What color theme does your Christmas nails have?


6. Glitter Christmas Nails

Merry Christmas! Here we provide a glitter christmas nails for your. These nails use classic christmas colors that red, green and white. All nails looks glitter and easy to wear and will suit for everyone.


7. Cute and Simple Nails Design

Next we have a cute nail art and these nails are short with natural shape. All nails are nude and each one is adorned with colorful stars and have red, green, gold and purple. This is a simple nail art and you can buy sequins online.


8. Glitter Green French Tip Nails

Next we have a glitter french manicure. These nails are long with almond shaped. All nails are nude and with ocean green french tip. This nail art is easy to create and will suit for christmas.


9. Leopard French Manicure

The next nail idea is also a French manicure. These nails are short and have almond shape. All nails are nude with leopard design french tip. Each nails tip is adorned with gold stripe while each nails root is adorned with one black dot.


10. Glitter Christmas Nails Idea

The last nail idea is a glitter manicure. All nails are covered in glitter and have red, green, gold and white. If you want your nail looks sparkly that this idea is perfect for you.