23 Trendy Pastel Nails Ideas for Spring

Spring is coming and we love this season. The warmer weather and greenery will make our have good mind. Want to add the spring vibe to your life? If so, manicure is one of the best way.

When talk about the manicure there so many nail designs that are perfect for the spring season, like pastel nails, floral nails, green nails and more! To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 23 best pastel nails design and ideas! You will find different color ideas from pink nails to green nails and lots of different flower design.

The pastel nail designs will are perfect any nails shape such coffin, almond, square, oval and more. Also, manicures of different lengths will give you different look.

1.Simple Nail Designs Ideas

Pastel nails is a must-have nail trend in this season. This nail idea is a simple way to wear pastels. For this look, these nails are short with almond shape. Each nail has painted in a different color including blue, purple and more. It is such a chic idea and the color combos are endless.

Simple Nail Designs Ideas


2.Purple and Flower Nail Design

Here we have matte nails. This manicure features long almond nails. Three nails are simply purple with black dots, the next has white glitter, then with purple flower.

Purple and Flower Nail Design


3.Blueberry Nail Ideas

The next nails uses light blue as main tone. As you can see, this is a simple nail art. Three of nails are painted in light blue. Two of nails are light colors with cute blueberries. This manicure will make you stand out from the crowd.

Blueberry Nail Ideas


4.Pretty Floral Nail Design

Floral nails is one of the popular manicure in spring. Here we have a gorgeous flower nail designs. This manicure are short with coffin shape. Each of nail has pretty floral design that is gold chrome outline with white petal. Besides, the nails also decorated with colorful foil. It is a trendy nail idea that will jazz up your nails.

Pretty Floral Nail Design


5.Simple Manicure Featuring Some Spring Florals

This manicure use three pastel colors which including yellow, pink and white. These nails are long with almond shape. One nail is yellow, two nails are pink and two nails are nude with cute white flowers.

Simple Manicure Featuring Some Spring Florals


6.Trendy French Nail Design

This french nail idea is one of our favorites. It is simple, trendy and creative. Three nails are nude with red tips, two of nails with orange or white flowers. If you love simple french nails then this nail idea is perfect for you.

Trendy French Nail Design


7.Short Nail Idea

Next, we have short manicure to show you. For this look, the nails are a short natural shape and they are all painted pastel blue or pink. It is a simple nail idea that is great for the spring. This nail idea will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Short Nail Idea


Scroll down to see these 23 pastel nail art. Hope you enjoyed all of these stunning pastel nails. So, have a look and choose one to try.

8.Purple Nail Art

Purple Nail Art


9.French Nail and Flower Nail Designs

French Nail and Flower Nail Designs


10.Glossy Purple Nail Ideas

Glossy Purple Nail Ideas


11.Pastel Swirl Nail Art

Pastel Swirl Nail Art


12.Cute Flower Nail Designs

Cute Flower Nail Designs


13.Light Blue French Tips Manicure

Light Blue French Tips Manicure


14.Abstract Nail Design

Abstract Nail Design


15.Abstract Nail Ideas

Abstract Nail Ideas


16.Purple and Floral Nail Design

Purple and Floral Nail Design


17.Pretty Nail Design

Pretty Nail Design


18.Cute Flower Nail Ideas

Cute Flower Nail Ideas


19.Matte Pink Nail Art

Matte Pink Nail Art


20.Light Green Nail Idea

Light Green Nail Idea


21.Long Almond Nails

Long Almond Nails


22.Long Coffin Nail Art

Long Coffin Nail Art


23.Simple French Manicure

Simple French Manicure


24.Pretty Floral Nail Design

Pretty Floral Nail Design