10 Elegant French Nails Design Ideas

French manicure is simple and beautiful, and it can have many different designs. Such as v shape tip, black nail tip, white nail tip and more. There are so many pretty nail designs and we today we are bringing you 10 beautiful ways to wear french manicure. Take a look and get some nail inspiration.

1. White French V Tip Nails

First up we have a V french tip manicure. These nails are pink base and some with V tip and there have an accent nail that adorned with white snowflakes. This french nail idea is suit for winter and any occasion. https://www.instagram.com/julialejanails/

2. Glitter French Manicure

This next nails idea is a classic french manicure. These nails are short with almond shape. Most nails are painted nude color and with white tip. One nail is are nude and is adorned with gold glitter and white star. https://www.instagram.com/follynail_cos_pieknego/

3. Long Coffin French Nails

Next we have long french nail art and most nails are nude with large tip. The accent nail is nude with yellow and white flowers. A nail idea like this looks beautiful and will brighten up your look. https://www.instagram.com/lulisnails_/

4. Classic French Nail Design

If you want a classic french manicure then this idea is for you. As you can see this is a classic version french and all nails have same look and nude base with white tip. This nail idea looks so classy and is perfect for wedding. https://www.instagram.com/gn_studio_nails/

5. Gle French Nail Art

This next french nail idea is suit for christmas. This is a short almond nails and all nails are glitter pink with red tip and have an accent nail with red diamond. Nails like this will add festive vibe for you. https://www.instagram.com/nail_look_eliza/

6. Silver French Nails Design

Want you nails shine bright like a diamond? If so try this french manicure. For this look all nails are long with coffin shaped. All nails are nude with glitter silver tip and one nail is adorned with diamonds too. https://www.instagram.com/agataaaw/

7. Gold Glitter French Tip

The next french nails with a touch of gold. Nails like this will suit for christmas and new year. All nails are nude with sparkly gold tip. This manicure goes well with the gold rings. These have probably been my favourite nails for a long time! https://www.instagram.com/macherie_nailsandbeauty/

8. Gold French Manicure

The next nail idea is similar to the one above and have same design. All nails are nude with gold tip but this nails are short with square shape. This nail idea is easy to wear and suit for anyone. https://www.instagram.com/iramshelton/

9. Sweater Nails Design

Here we have a sweater nails design. These nails are long with coffin shape and all nails are pink to white ombre art. And have two accent nails that one is snowflakes nail and one is 3d cable kit nail. https://www.instagram.com/julita_zajchowska/

9. Christmas French Manicure

This is a long almond french nails design. All nails are pink with sparkly gold tip. The manicure will give you christmas vibe which is perfect for the winter. You can find nail tutorials online to help you create the look. https://www.instagram.com/monika__nails/