10 Christmas Nail Art that Make You with Festive Vibe

The arrival of December means that the Christmas is coming soon! This season of gratitude is also one of the favorite festivals of most people. To coincide with this Christmas, of course, nail painting with a Christmas vibe is indispensable! Choose one of these 10 beautiful Christmas themed nails!

1. Glitter Christmas French Nails

The first christmas nail idea is a french manicure. All nails have different art and one nail is chrome, one nail is nude base with snowflake art, one nail is covered in glitter, one is nude with glitter french tip.


2. Ombre Christmas Nails Design

This next nail idea is a ombre manicure. As you can see two nails are covered in glitter. Some nails are pink to white ombre art and there is a accent nail that adorned with a glitter balloon and white star. This nail art has a christmas festive vibe.


3. Marble Christmas Tree Manicure

Next, we have a pretty christmas nail art. Two nails are covered in marble sticker and other nails are white with christmas tree and all nails are adorned with star. Is your Christmas tree up and decorated already? Which color theme did you go with?


4. Sparkly Nails Design Idea

Here we have sparkly christmas manicure. These nails are short with round shaped. All nails have same design that are used tinsel melt and each nail root adorned with black dots. This nail idea looks glitter and colorful.


5. Christmas Gingerbread Man Nails Design

This is a cute christmas nails design. Each nail has different design and we have snowflake, gingerbread, little pudding and more. This nail art use pink, white and wine colors. We love this colors and design combo.


6. Christmas Tree Nails Design

Here we have grey and white colors combo nails. These nails are short white square shaped. Most nails are grey and one nail is acovered in silver glitter and one is white with ablack christmas tree design.


7. Long nails with Snowflakes Design

If you love gorgeous nails design then this nails idea is for you. For this look we have a long almond manicure and all nails are glitter purple and some nails adorned with white snowflakes or white dots.


8. Cute Candy Cane Nail Design

Candy canes are a popular treat for almost everyone. Next we have a classic christmas nails design and the whole look used red, green, white and the colors combo is so festive! Each nail has same design that candy cane.


9. White Snowflakes Nails Design

This next is a trendy and pretty nail art. Here we have a short round nail art and all nails are nude with snowflakes and colorful foil. This nail art looks glitter and sparkle.


10. Ritz & Reindeers Nails Design

Reindeers nails design have been super popular this year and looks so cute! The last one is a cute reindeer nails and some are covered in glitter some are nude with heart or reindeer desin. The nails are perfect combo! Love those little reindeer.


Which of these 10 christmas nails do you like best?